Awards & Prizes

The Australian Society for Parasitology offers a range of scholarships for its members and especially students.

The following awards are made by the Society after application or nomination:

ASP Student Conference Travel Award

Partial reimbursement of travel expenses to the annual ASP conference.

Researcher Exchange, Travel and Training and JD Smyth Postgraduate Student Travel Awards

Funding Assistance is available to members of the ASP for Researcher Exchanges, Training Courses, Visiting International Lectureships, Workshops and Grant Writing Retreats.

The Bancroft-Mackerras Medal for Excellence

For outstanding contributions by ASP members to the science of parasitology

The John Frederick Adrian Sprent Prize

Prize for an outstanding thesis awarded to a PhD graduate in the last 3 years

The ASP Invited Lectureship Grant

Allows members of the ASP to sponsor overseas researchers to speak at the annual meeting

ASP  Undergraduate Prizes

Prizes offered through Australian Universities identified as offering a suitable course in parasitology, for presentation to the best undergraduate
student in parasitology (highest passing mark/grade)



ASP 50th Anniversary Conference

30 June - 3 July, 2014, ANU Commons, Canberra


Australia-Europe Malaria Research Cooperation

The International Journal for Parasitology

The Society sponsors the International Journal for Parasitology

Submit your papers online at IJP.


Sponsored by the ASP and developed by Prof. Peter O'Donoghue and Lynn Pryor at the University of Queensland, PARA-SITE is a pioneering, interactive educational tool dealing with parasites of human and livestock.