Title Collection Manager – Terrestrial Invertebrates, South Australian Museum
Salary OPS 3
Location Adelaide, South Australia
Job Information

The Collection Manager – Terrestrial Invertebrates is accountable to the Collection Manager – Parasitology, South Australian Museum, for the collection preparation, identification, incorporation, loan, scientific study and interpretation of items in the South Australian Museum’s Terrestrial Invertebrates Collections and for facilitating public and research access to the collections. The position will have a particular responsibility for the Arachnology Collection.

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Below is the link for the Collection Manager – Terrestrial Invertebrates position at the South Australian Museum. Details for this position and the application procedure can be accessed via the Museums Australia link to the Notice of Vacancies (SA Government) site.


At the Notice of Vacancies (SA Government) site ( http://www.premcab.sa.gov.au/careers/ ), select ‘Current Opportunities’, then ‘Specialist’ to narrow the search.  Follow the instructions for the application procedure.

The closing date for applications will be Monday 4th March, 2013