Origins of the Society

The Australian Society for Parasitology was founded on the 19th of January 1964 to foster association of persons interested in parasitology, foster establishment and proper curation of collections of Australian parasites and by facilitating intercourse and discussion, promote investigation and advance the knowledge of parasitology.

Today the Society present prizes for students studying parasitology in Universities in every State, its Newsletter, is eagerly anticipated for the latest gossip and events and an extensive range of travel awards and bursaries are given to students and overseas visiting lecturers. Of course premier amongst the Societies offerings is the Bancroft-Mackerras medal for excellence in the science of parasitology. This medal commemorates the Bancroft-Mackerras dynasty, which began the study of parasites in Australia in the 1860′s. The Australian Society for Parasitology is a vibrant and active scientific society that makes a significant contribution to the scientific and educational community of Australia.

More information can be accessed below and the societies full history and listings of the past executives of the Society, our Fellows and award winners are available here.


ASP 50th Anniversary Conference

30 June - 3 July, 2014, ANU Commons, Canberra


Australia-Europe Malaria Research Cooperation

The International Journal for Parasitology

The Society sponsors the International Journal for Parasitology

Submit your papers online at IJP.


Sponsored by the ASP and developed by Prof. Peter O'Donoghue and Lynn Pryor at the University of Queensland, PARA-SITE is a pioneering, interactive educational tool dealing with parasites of human and livestock.