The ASP Invited Lectureship Grant

This grant allows members of the Society to nominate overseas researchers of international reputation to visit Australia to speak at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society and other venues around the country. The invited speaker’s expertise must be common to a discipline or symposium represented at the Scientific Meeting. The grant will assist financially with the travel, registration and accommodation at the Meeting. The total amount of the grant will be determined by Council and it is expected that additional support will be sought from elsewhere. Nominations close on 30th September of the year before the relevant Meeting and must include details of the projected itinerary, a complete curriculum vitae, and a justification for the invitation. The Invited Lecturer is expected to visit at least 2 Australian states in addition to the Meeting’s location.

Nominations are usually made to the ASP President.


ASP 50th Anniversary Conference

30 June - 3 July, 2014, ANU Commons, Canberra


Australia-Europe Malaria Research Cooperation

The International Journal for Parasitology

The Society sponsors the International Journal for Parasitology

Submit your papers online at IJP.


Sponsored by the ASP and developed by Prof. Peter O'Donoghue and Lynn Pryor at the University of Queensland, PARA-SITE is a pioneering, interactive educational tool dealing with parasites of human and livestock.