The Australian Society for Parasitology offers all bona fide student members the opportunity for part reimbursement of the costs of attending the Annual Meeting of the Society. The money available varies from year to year but usually covers between 50 and 75% of the Registration, Accommodation and Travel costs. The actual amount of reimbursement depends on the costs of the Meeting and the numbers of students applying. All student members of at least 3 months standing may apply for this bursary provided they are enrolled at a recognised Australian University and do not receive an after tax salary greater than an Australian postgraduate award or recognised alternative in the preceding year. Postgraduate students are eligible for up to 1 year after completion of their studies.

Enquires should be made to Lisa Jones.


To apply, first you should download the Guidelines for the 2016 ASP Student Conference Travel Grant. Once you have read the guidelines to apply for the grant, please register for the conference
You will be able to apply for a 2016 ASP Students Conference Travel Grant early in 2016. To be eligible for a 2016 ASP Student Conference Travel Grant you must have a valid ASP Student membership by 19 June 2016 and meet all of the other criteria.


Participants at the ASP’s 50th Anniversary Conference in Canberra, 2014