The Bancroft-Mackerras Medal for Excellence allows the Australian Society for Parasitology to recognise outstanding contributions of its members to the Science of Parasitology. It is based particularly on work published over the last 5 years and though nominations are called yearly it is only presented when a suitable candidate is recognised. The Medal commemorates the contribution of the Bancroft-Mackerras dynasty to the development of the discipline of Parasitology in Australia from the 1860s to 1960s. The award includes a medallion, and sponsored travel to the Annual Scientific Meeting. The recipient, who is a guest of the Society for the duration of the Meeting, gives a presentation which is then published in the Meeting issue of the International Journal for Parasitology.

Applications close 30th September in the calendar year preceding the award of the prize. Electronic or hardcopy applications will be accepted. Send applications to ASP Executive Secretary

Professor Una Ryan, BMM 2014, presented by Professor Robin Gasser


1982 RW Sutherst
1983 MD Rickard
1984 GF Mitchell
1987 I Beveridge
1989 AM Johnson
1990 IG Wright
1991 RCA Thompson
1996 DR Hennessy
1998 MW Lightowlers
1999 RH Andrews
2000 RB Gasser
2006 A Loukas
2007 T Cribb
2008 K Kirk
2009 B Crabb
2010 L Tilley
2012 Malcolm McConville
2014 Una Ryan
2016 Denise Doolan
2018 Nick Smith