Title Opportunity in cellular and molecular parasitology (tick fever) at Monash University
Job Information

New job opportunity in cellular and molecular parasitology at Monash University: development of an effective vaccine to protect against cattle tick fever.

As a result of recent and exciting developments within the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University, a new opportunity exists in cellular and molecular parasitology in the Cooke Laboratory in the Department of Microbiology for an experienced Research Assistant and/or Research Fellow to be involved in a new and exciting project to characterise a newly identified sub-set of proteins in Babesia parasites and determine their role in the pathogenesis of bovine babesiosis. Working closely with international partners both in the USA and Africa, our ultimate goal of this project is to develop and roll out a new and effective vaccine to protect cattle against bovine babesiosis (cattle Tick Fever).

Specifically, you will be involved in a multi-disciplinary project to determine the role and importance of a newly identified set of proteins (discovered in the Cooke Lab) in infection and pathogenesis and assess their potential as vaccine candidates both in vitro and in vivo. The project may involve some national and international travel to perform experiments in collaborating laboratories.

The successful candidate will have experience and a strong track record in microbiology, molecular and cell biology, parasitology or a related area.

Previous experience specifically in molecular parasitology (ideally working with apicomplexan parasites) is essential.

This role is a full-time position however flexible working arrangements may be negotiated. May involve some national and international travel.

Please send expressions of interest in the position to:

Professor Brian M. Cooke, (brian.cooke@monash.edu)  +61 3 9902 9146