Title Postdoctoral Fellow – Billker Lab. Single Cell Biology of Malaria Parasites
Location Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK
Job Information

Background: The Malaria Programme at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has recently achieved major breakthroughs in scaling reverse genetic screening for the systematic identification of gene functions in Plasmodium. The Institute is also a leading centre for single cell genomics.

Position: We are now looking to recruit a 3-year Postdoctoral Research Fellow to work on an exciting project to bridge these areas. If you have recently received your PhD, have a passion for parasite biology and genetics and are interested in working with large datasets we would like to hear from you! The project offers an opportunity to combine our recently developed screening platform with state-of-the-art single cell phenotyping by transcriptomics. By bringing these approaches together you will be able to generate deep new insights into fascinating aspects of parasite biology, including sexual development, and host parasite interactions. This position will work between the Billker team in the Malaria Programme and the Cellular Genetics Programme led by Sarah Teichmann. It will offer training opportunities in both wet lab and computational areas, but the wet lab component will be essential.

Further information: For more details about the position and our research, visit our laboratory website (www.sanger.ac.uk/science/groups/billkergroup) or contact Oliver Billker (ob4@sanger.ac.uk)

How to apply: https://jobs.sanger.ac.uk