About the WebSite
The web site is organised in the hierarchy of taxanomic classification of parasites from class / order / sub order / family . At each level a counter shows the number of slides in that group. Within that level the name of the slide appears with text about the organism and site of infection (if appropriate). At various stages a picture of Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek appears, this is a place marker to store general comments on the preparation and examination of parasites/ specimens infected with parasites in this level as a whole.

Navigating the web site
On the left hand side of each level there is a PLUS + sign. If you click on this the content of that level will be opened. (You must have discovered that to get this far!). You can close it again by clicking the MINUS - sign. The name of the slide is a hyperlink - click on this to see more detail. The First, Previous, Next, Last picture buttons will move you back and forth among the pictures at that level.
If you click on a photo you can zoom in at high resolution to see the animals features, this is to aid in the identification of the creature.

Developing the web site
Development of this collection commenced in 2005 deliberately using low technology with the intention of making it freely available to people working in parasitology, particularly for the benefit of people in third world countries - the abiding passion of both Robyn and Peter. The pictures have been scanned at high resolution so fine details can be observed.

It is Robyn's intention that this material be freely available and used, she would however like her work to be acknowledged when used elsewhere.