Taxonomy: Class Blastocystea
Animal: Blastocystis hominis 6 26.jpg
Sites: Gut
Blastocystis hominis abnormal cyst. Large numbers of this unusual form were seen in the faeces of a patient with acute severe gastroenteritis. Symptoms resolved in 12 days without treatment and no cysts, erythrocytes or leucocytes were present in the faeces on discharge. These cysts were 5 or 6 microns wide, mostly multi-nuclei with elliptical band of condensed chromatin containing a small dense spot and large amounts of glycogen. (EM by Deb Stenzel). - see Boreham RE et al 1996 - details in Bibliography (Compare the appearance of these with those of the more usually encountered cysts in 1 10a, 1 13a, 4.04-4.06)

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