Taxonomy: Class Blastocystea
Animal: Blastocystis hominis 8 02.jpg
Blastocystis hominis cyst. The cysts arises from avacuolar and multivacuolar forms in the colon, are about 5 microns wide, usually one (occ. up to 4) nucleus with a crescentic band of chromatin, thick cyst wall and very small vacuoles. This may be the transmissible stage but this has not been proven (EM by Deb Stenzel). (see 7 16 - 17. Compare the appearance of these more usually encountered cysts (Normal cysts usually have only one nucleus which has a condensed crescentic band of chromatin) with those of the abnormal cysts in a patient present with severe gastrointestinal symptoms - 6 15 - 6 26)

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