Taxonomy: f. Retortamonadidae
Animal: Chilomastix mesnili 2 10.jpg
Sites: Gut
Chilomastix mesnili trophozoite and cyst in faecal smear stained with Trichrome. Chilomastix cysts 7 - 10 microns lemon shaped with a single nucleus, cytostome and remains of locomotor apparatus, fibril beside cytostome usually refered to as shepherd's crook. Trophozoite is pear shaped 6 - 24 microns (average 10 - 15) x 4 - 8 microns with 1 nucleus, 3 anterior flagella with 1 in cytostome which is prominent, spiral groove on ventral surface. This was from a 37 year old female with gastrointestinal symptoms which were attributed to the Giardia intestinalis which was also present. C. mesnili is considered non-pathogenic, although its presence does indicate a lack of sanitation and hygiene conditions.

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