Taxonomy: s.f. Filarioidea
Animal: Dipetalonema reconditum 1 08.jpg
Sites: Blood / Vascular
Dipetalonema reconditum microfilaria. Dipetalonema reconditum is a parasite in the body cavity and subcutaneous (just below the skin) tissues of dogs causing little harm unlike Dirofilaria immitis. The microfilaria of both of these parasites are found in the bloods and are similar but can be distinguished using the acid phosphatase stain as in this slide. D reconditum microfilaria has uniform enzyme activity. Staining is less intense cranial to the excretory pore, but clearly not confined to two distinct bands as seen in microfilariae of Dirofilaria immitis. D reconditum microfilaria - 255 - 277 x 4.4 - 5.7 microns cf Dirofilaria immitis - 291 - 349 x 5.2 - 7.0 microns. D reconditum has been reported causing infections in human eyes in Australia.

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