Taxonomy: f. Hexamitidae
Animal: Giardia intestinalis (research) 03 12.jpg
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Enzyme activity correlated against concentration of drugs required to inhibit the uptake of 3H-thymidine by 50 percent., ID 50, in vitro for stocks of Giardia intestinalis. (Peter Boreham's colleagues in his lab at QIMR, Peter and Jacqui Upcroft, investigated the biochemistry and genetics of Giardia intestinalis to further understand the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance) Note: PFOR is a key component in metabolism of nitroimidazoles. activity of PFOR inversely correlated in vitro with drug sensitivities of different isolates (more detailed information- see Ellis et al 1993. IJP; 23:35-39; Townson, Boreham, Upcroft and Upcroft 1994. Acta Tropica;54:173-194 and other papers by these authors) P.Boreham did many studies on Giardia. (see Bibliography for reference details and references given on other slides of Giardia)

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