Taxonomy: f. Hexamitidae
Animal: Giardia intestinalis (research) 10 07.jpg
Sites: N/A
Use of electrophoresis to identify strains. Peter Boreham's colleagues in his lab at QIMR, Peter and Jacqui Upcroft, investigated the biochemistry and genetics of Giardia intestinalis to further understand the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance. see Upcroft and Upcroft. 1993. Parasitol. Today; 9:187-190 - they showed that lines selected for resistance to metronidazole have undergone chromosomal rearrangements involving different chromosomes eg. a metronidazole resistant strain grown continually in a sub lethal concentration of this drug involves deletion of the marker G6/1 from chromosome 4 - Upcroft et al 1992. Parasitol. 104: 397-405; Boreham. 1995. IJP. 25: 1009-1022) (see Bibliography for reference details)

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