Taxonomy: f. Plasmodidae
Animal: Plasmodium spp. (research) 1 02.jpg
Sites: Blood
Badly made thick and thin film. Compare with other Plasmodium spp. (research) slides which have been prepared using different amounts of blood in different ways to determine the best method to diagnose the parasite infection. A good thick film should allow news-print or the hands of a watch to be seen through it. A big drop of blood should be placed on the slide and the corner of another slide or a needle used to spread it to form an area of 1/2 inch square. The film should be dried (without heat) in a horizontal postion and kept covered by a petrie or other dish. if humidity is a problem, slide can be put into an incubator or gently dried with a hair dryer to speed drying but the slide must never get too hot to touch the back of your hand as too fast drying and too much heat will distort the parasites and prevent lysis of the red cells. Giemsa's or Field's stain are the preferred stains.

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