Taxonomy: f. Retortamonadidae
Animal: Retortamonas intestinalis 1 01.jpg
Sites: Gut
Retortamonas intestinalis trophozoites (R) and Chilomastix mesnili cysts (C) (Trichrome stain). R. intestinalis trophozoite is pear or oval shaped 4 - 9 x 3 - 4 microns, 1 nucleus, 1 anterior and 1 posterior flagellum and prominent cytostome 1/2 of body. The C. mesnili cyst is 6-10 x 4-6 microns lemon shaped, 1 nucleus, cytostome with curved fibril - Shepherds crook. The R.intestinalis cyst is very similar but smaller without a curved fibril. It is difficult to differentiate the two by LM; both may be present. They are considered non- pathogenic although its presence does indicate a lack of sanitation and hygiene conditions. Because of their small size, they are often missed. If the faeces is not examined immediately OR fixed within 1/2 hour of excretion, the parasites decay. Little is known about these parasites because 3 specimens collected on alternate days using stained (FeHx or trichrome) smear should be examined; this is often not done. (see SEM of trophozoite 12 1,3,4,5,6)

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