Taxonomy: Suborder Astigmata
Animal: Sarcoptes scabei 1.jpg
Sites: Skin
Sarcoptes scabei- Eggs and adult itch (scabies) mites in a skin scraping. host specific, the saliva has a proteolytic enzyme and the scabies rash is a follicular papular eruption. (in S/O Astigmata - small mites with no stigmata , breath through body surface). Scrapings must be deep enough to cause the appearance of blood and as the mites in the skin tissue are usually scarce, need to scrap a few areas where the lesions are most recent. Placing a drop on mineral oil on the sterile blade can assist as the mites wil adhere to the oil. Male mites 150-250 microns, female mites 250-350 microns and eggs 170 x 92 microns.

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