Taxonomy: s.f. Schistosomatoidea
Animal: Schistosoma haematobium 2 01.jpg
Sites: Blood / Vascular
Schistosoma haematobium miracidium hatched from an egg 112 - 170 x 40 - 70 microns - saline preparation. Eggs can be hatched using urine that is less than 6 hours old. Add a midday sample to 10 vol water, allow to settle ads put off supernatant repeat twice, decant saline, add declorinated water and pour into a 500 ml side arm flask, cover with foil leaving 1-2 ml of fluid at top exposed, stand at RT for several hours or overnight in subdued light, place a bright light at side of flask opposed the exposed surface and examine for miracidia. This infection was in an Australian traveller to Africa infected while wading in infected waters. Although asymptomatic, she presented for testing 2 months after returning home when a fellow traveller presented with seizures and was found to be infected.

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