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R.B. (Brown) Besier
R.B. (Brown) Besier


Principal Veterinary Parasitologist

Leader, parasitology research, CRC for Sheep Industry Innovation


Animal Health Laboratories
Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia
444 Albany Highway

Tel: +61 (0)8 9892 8470
Fax: +61 (0)8 9841 2707
Mob 0427 778 406

Research interests

  • Ecology, epidemiology and control of sheep nematodes internal and external parasites of livestock
  • Anthelmintics and anthelmintic resistance in nematodes of ruminants
  • Non-chemical nematode control strategies
  • Improved diagnostic technologies for sheep nematode infections
  • Nematode-induced diarrhoea in sheep
  • Communication of information to the livestock industries.


BVSc (University of Queensland,1974)

PhD (Murdoch University, 1992)

Ten Most Significant Publications

Besier, R.B. (2008) Targeted treatment strategies for sustainable worm control in small ruminants. Tropical Biomedicine 25 (Supplement): 9-17.

Besier, R.B. (2007) New anthelmintics for livestock: the time is right. Trends in Para 23(1), 21-24.

Besier RB. Management of helmith parasites of sheep in Australia. (2004) Proceedings 355: Sheep Medicine (Course May 2004) (Post graduate Foundation in Vet. Science, University of Sydney) Chapter 10, pp 129-172.

Besier R.B. and Love S.C.J. 2003 Anthelmintic resistance in sheep nematodes in Australia: the need for new approaches. Aust J Exp Agric, 43: 1-9

Dobson, R.J., Besier, R.B., Barnes, E.H., Love, S.C.J., Vizard, A., Bell, K., Le Jambre, L.F. 2001. Principles for the use of macrocyclic lactones to minimise selection for resistance. Aust Vet. J. 79 (11): 756-761.

Besier R.B., Palmer D.G. and Woodgate, R.G. 2001. New recommendations for sustainable strategic drenching. Proc. Aust. Sheep Vet. Soc., Melbourne, 11: 32-36.

van Wyk JA, Hoste H, Kaplan RM, Besier RB (2006). Targeted selective treatment for worm management - how do we sell rational programs to farmers? Vet Para 139:336-346.

Besier, R.B. 1997. Ecological selection for anthelmintic resistance: re-evaluation of sheep worm control programs. Proceedings of a Workshop at the 16th Conference of the World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology. Ed. J.A. van Wyk and P.C. van Schalkwyk. Sun City, South Africa, August, 1997. 30-38.

Besier, R.B., Lyon, J. and McQuade, N. 1996. Drench resistance in sheep worms - a large economic cost. W.A. J. Agric. 37 (2), 60 - 63.

Swan, N., Gardner, J., Besier, R.B.* and Wroth, R.H. 1994. A field case of ivermectin resistance in sheep in Western Australia. Aust Vet. J., 71 (9): 302 -303 (* Major author)

Besier, R.B. and Dunsmore, J.D. 1993. The ecology of Haemonchus contortus in a winter rainfall region of Australia. 1. The development of eggs to infective larvae. Vet Para 45: 275 - 292.

Currently Held Grants

CRC for Sheep Industry Innovation:
i) Targeted treatment for sheep worm control(over 3 years)
ii) Development of WormBoss website (over 2 years)

Australian Wool Innovation
Development of LiceBoss website